Pureon is born

Seamless surface finishing solutions from a single source

Pureon is the new leading global supplier of surface finishing solutions for high-tech materials. Formerly known as Microdiamant, a provider of precision surface finishing solutions specialized in diamond-based abrasive products, the company has now acquired Eminess Technologies, a technology leader specializing in advanced critical surface polishing consumables. Pureon is drawing on the expertise of both companies as it continues attaining new knowledge and applying it successfully to develop new and better solutions for its customers.



טריגון סחר והנדסה (1998) בע"מ
רחוב המנופים 9, בניין A, קומה 8, ת.ד 2148
הרצליה פיתוח 4672560 , ישראל
טלפון : 077-5449866
דוא"ל : dave@trigonmicro.com

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